Our Story

Our vision is to consistently source the best dates, saffron, honey & sugar free products for the UAE, Middle East, India & Global market with a focus on quality and value-for-money.

The Value of

Osteon Foods

Osteon Foods believes in offering 100% Natural and premium quality products to its customers. With over 15 years experience in Smart Food Engineering and value added packaging along with our extensive Global network, we source premium quality products from across the world. 

Our expertise also lies in developing brands,offering market research and brand positioning strategies for our customers.

Currently, our focus is on sourcing raw materials directly from the farm by appointing our Food technologists at each source and we consult with Farmers to optimise the best yield by avoiding harmful chemicals, resulting in pure and organic products. We carefully sort the crops by selective Grading technologies and then make attractive packaging to cater to different markets.

Our unique model includes helping all our stakeholders and customers right from Farmers, Suppliers, stockists, Distributors, retailers and Customers along with our Staff who we consider as our partners in growth.



Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire healthier communities by connecting people to real food.


Our Values

Our values are centred on quality, freshness and sustainability.