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Segai Dates
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Segai dates are characterised by their multi-coloured hues and distinctive oblong shape

Native to Saudi Arabia, Segai dates have a unique multi-hued appearance.

Soft, juicy and surprisingly chewy, Segai dates are a premium date sure to become your new favourite. Medium in size, these two-toned gourmet dates benefit from a crunchy, dry base with a fruity flavour. Compared to other date varieties, Segai dates are mildly sweet, perfect as a mid-afternoon or after-dinner indulgent treat.Our exclusive organic Segai dates make for a juicy treat to your taste palette. 


The Benefits of Eating Segai Dates

Sugai Dates

Segai Dates

Segai dates are interesting in both appearance and flavour – yellow, farm and very sweet at the top and dark, soft and mildly sweet at the base.

Segai Dates

Segai dates have a unique multi-hued appearance.

Elongated shaped with the base broader than the tip, the Segai features a light beige coloured rim with a saffron to dark orange body. The rim is firm and crunchy with a flavour profile that is reminiscent of warm brown sugar, the base is juicy, soft and mildly sweet.

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